This page links (mostly) to files in portable document format (pdf) of my scientific output. If you are interested in reading other of my 'research' go to my blog page. There you can find everything from how to do structural equation modeling in R, how to make nice plots, watering your plants automatically or make the best pizza dough.

If you stay here, below is mostly a list of scientific articels that you can download. Besides from those you can also find a copy of my PhD thesis and some other not-so-scientific-things that I wrote or people wrote about stuff that I do. Fell free to download them or just give a look at them. If you read them and find them interesting and you think you would like to discuss things with me please feel free to get in touch with me. You can find informations on how to do that clicking here or on "Contact" from the menu at the top of this page.


Below is a list of papers that I wrote or coauthored. Please note that these papers' copyright is protected.

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PhD Thesis

PhDThesis Below is a pdf copy of my PhD thesis, whereas here you can find/download an article on my thesis written by Nienke Beintema. The article is in Dutch and it appeared in the science section of the Dutch newspaper NRC on Thursday 01 October 2009 (page 10).

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Book chapters

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Selected Posters

This is a selection of two posters. They are the one I liked the most, because they express my favorite science cocktail: fun, innovation and entertainment. It's educational too.

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Other publications

This is a text written by Janita Naaijer about me trying to cook some food. The reportmixiture (and the recipe) has been published in the column Tjak in the University Newspaper (the UK, Universiteitskrant, Number 38, 07 May 2009, p.31) of the University of Groningen. Tjak was the culinary column of the UK, and Janita report described an evening spent cooking and eating polenta, one of the most modest italian food. The report is in dutch, and it definitely does not show my most photogenic profile.

This is a review of the book "Living in Holland" which I wrote for the BCN newsletter (I do not remember neither the year nor the number of the publication, it must have been 2006). The book is about the things that you should try to arrange before and when you arrived to the Netherlands, just to make it a little bit easier to start over.

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