Four dimensions in Two dimensions.

This visualization displays four variables (or dimensions) with a two dimensional plot. The scatterplot displays reaction time (RT) differences between cochlear implant users and normal hearing participants in a lexical decision task. During lexical decision participants judge whether a sound stimulus they hear is a word or not (like `trud' in English). I presented differences in RT in a scatter plot as a function of 1) neighborhood density and 2) word frequency (log-scaled). The size of the dot reflects the 3) size of the difference. The colors of the dots distinguish 4) words (blue) and non-words (orange). Moreover, the plot is interactive. Hovering with the mouse over one of the dots displays the name of the (non-)word, the size of the difference in milliseconds (ms) and the relative neighborhood density and (log-scaled) frequency. Here I wrote a description of the javascript code use to make this scatterplot.