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My parents set very high standards for me.
Organization is very important to me.
As a child, I was punished for doing things less than perfectly.
If I do not set the highest standards for myself, I am likely to end up a second-rate person.
My parents never tried to understand my mistakes.
It is important to me that I am thoroughly competent in everything I do.
I am a neat person.
I try to be an organized person.
If I fail at work/school, I am a failure as a person.
I should be upset if I make a mistake.
My parents wanted me to be the best at everything.
I set higher goals for myself than most people.
If someone does a task at work/school better than me, then I feel like I failed the whole task.
If I fail partly, it is as bad as being a complete failure.
Only outstanding performance is good enough in my family.
I am very good at focusing my efforts on attaining a goal.
Even when I do something very carefully, I often feel that it is not quite done right.
I hate being less than the best at things.
I have extremely high goals.
My parents have expected excellence from me.
People will probably think less of me if I make a mistake.
I never felt like I could meet my parents' expectations.
If I do not do as well as other people, it means I am an inferior human being.
Other people seem to accept lower standards from themselves than I do.
If I do not do well all the time, people will not respect me.
My parents have always had higher expectations for my future than I have.
I try to be a neat person.
I usually have doubts about the simple everyday things I do.
Neatness is very important to me.
I expect higher performance in my daily tasks than most people.
I am an organized person.
I tend to get behind in my work because I repeat things over and over.
It takes me a long time to do something 'right'.
The fewer mistakes I make, the more people will like me.
I never felt like I could meet my parents' standards.

Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements.

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I have saved up so many things that they get in the way.
I check things more often than necessary.
I get upset if objects are not arranged properly.
I feel compelled to count while I am doing things.
I find it difficult to touch an object when I know it has been touched by strangers.
I find it difficult to control my thoughts.
I collect things I do not need.
I repeatedly check doors, windows, drawers etc.
I get upset if others change the way I have arranged things.
I feel I have to repeat certain numbers.
I sometimes have to wash or clean myself simply because I feel contaminated.
I am upset by unpleasant thoughts that come into my mind against my will.
I avoid throwing things away because I am afraid that I might need them later.
I repeatedly check water taps and light switches after turning them off.
I need things to be arranged in a particular order.
I feel that there are good and bad numbers.
I frequently get nasty thoughts and have difficulty in getting rid of them.
I wash my hands more often and longer than necessary.

Respond to each of the items using the scale below to describe your degree of agreement with each item.

Strongly Disagree Disagree Slightly Disagree Neutral Slightly Agree Agree Strongly Agree
I have high standards for my performance at work or at school.
I am an orderly person.
I often feel frustrated because I cannot meet my goals.
Neatness is important to me.
If you do not expect much out of yourself, you will never succeed.
My best just never seems to be good enough for me.
I think things should be put away in their place.
I have high expectations for myself.
I rarely live up to my high standards.
I like to always be organized and disciplined.
Doing my best never seems to be enough.
I set very high standards for myself.
I am never satisfied with my accomplishments.
I expect the best from myself.
I often worry about not measuring up to my own expectations.
My performance rarely measures up to my standards.
I am not satisfied even when I know I have done my best.
I try to do my best at everything I do.
I am seldom able to meet my own high standards of performance.
I am hardly ever satisfied with my performance.
I hardly ever feel that what I have done is good enough.
I have a strong need to strive for excellence.
I often feel disappointment after completing a task because I know I could have done better.

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