Data visualization and Artwork

Data visualization and digital artwork is one of my passions. This page contains a gallery of screenshots from the projects which worked out the best. Each image is also a link to a page giving more details on the specific visualization/artwork or to a version of the image with higher resolution. The images below scroll automatically. The buttons on the sides allow to navigate through the images manually. The animation restarts automatically after three seconds of inactivity.
Parallel coordinates plot

A brief introduction to some of the animations

Following on-line drawing tutorials can be lots of fun. Especially for the vector graphics program inkscape I found some real good ones (see e.g. this). The logos are the results of some week-ends projects playing around with Inkscape, ImageMagick or the GIMP. Some of the drawings are logos that have been printed on ultimate shirts, others post-cards or just experiments with new techniques.

An example is the rotating brain in my research page. I build that in a week-end with Gimp, after asking Marleen to make some 3d brain plots with Brain Voyager which I put into an animation. I then decided to add the magnifying glass that moves around randomly to create a cooler effect.

The Frisbee Uit Nederland logo I made for a ultimate tournament that we played in Italy in the spring of 2011. Sad part is that we never printed because it had too many colours and it would have cost too much for a one time only occasion. I still think it was a pretty one.

This logo of LUI (Lui Ultimate Indoor - lui means lazZzy in Dutch) is definitely my most successful logo, since it was printed three times. LUI is the ultimate team with which Marleen, Ate and I plust some other friends used to play at the martini cup, the indoor ultimate tournament organized by Gronical Dizziness, our ultimate club.

The birthcards are a Dutch tradition. When a child is born the parents send birth cards to announce it. They were a nice project to work on before the birth since, as a father, one does not have much contact with the child before birth. The pictures for Olivia's birthcard were taken from Suzanne Bindels, and I can already tell you that, given the amount of times I had to through Fay in the air to get a nice shot, I did not have to work out that week. Fay could not stop laughing, and she complained rumorously when the shot was finished and she was not going to fly no more.

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